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One More Unique Bali What Do Not We Know

Bali is an Indonesian province. Bali is the name of an island, and its capital is Denpasar. The total area of ​​around 5,700 Km bali or 0.29% of the territory of the Republic of Indonesia.

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Bali beauty is the beauty hidden. Many places - a very beautiful place that you can find here.Bali is not foreign to our ears. Beauty and natural scenery can not be expressed with words - words pearl though.
Back when I was in high school, a visit to Bali was a dream I had. And I will spend all the time I had to menapakai dent - dent bali city. How lucky I was born and raised in the country of Indonesia. I do not need no such thing as taking care of Passport and Visa settled.

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I'm just an ordinary person who certainly very pleased with the beauty, the beauty that makes me calm the mind and soul. And I also nature lovers, thousands of photographs of other natural beauty I've just caught on an External hard drive me. Unfortunately, a visit to the island of Bali is me not yet accomplished.

Next year (2016 ed) I was the target of one week will I spend in this paradise island. A series of location - a location that will I visit I have entered the list of the queue. 
The following areas - areas that will I visit based on the data - the data that I get from Information rentalmobilbali.net:


Ubud is very famous tourist spot to foreign countries. Because the attractions of Ubud, the center of cultural tourism and the arts in the island of the gods. So much you can do in Ubud, such as  Ayung rafting, cycling. Watch Balinese art also you can get in Ubud, such as watching Kecak, monkey forest travel, buy  souvenirs typical of Bali  in Ubud art market and many more. Search for your hotel in Ubud, is also very easy. Ranging from budget hotels to luxury hotels.

Hearing the name of Kuta tourist attractions, of course, you must know about this attraction. One of the famous tourist spots in Bali, which is very rare in the miss by tourists, while on vacation to the island of the gods. Kuta beach, offering white sand beach, which extends along 7 kilometers.
Many things you can do in Kuta Bali attractions, like, playing on the white sand beach, looking at the sunset in the afternoon. If you love the performing arts, you can visit the Kuta Theater. For those of you who are on vacation with the kids, of course, visit Waterbom Bali, would make the children very happy.

Nusa Dua

Nusa Dua is a tourist spot located in the southeastern tip of the island of gods. Place a five-star hotel area, which is often used as a place of international conferences.Attractions Nusa Dua, has white sand beaches are not inferior to the Kuta beach. One of the things that can be done in this tourist area is watching the performing arts  Devdan Show.


It makes attraction tourists vacation in Seminyak, such as the availability buitk international standard luxury, classy restaurant facilities and the availability of private villas. Surely attractions Seminyak, also has a white sand beach, which offers a view of the sunset.


Early development of tourism in southern Bali is the attraction of Sanur. Murpakan Sanur in Bali tourist spots that must be visited, Because it is preferable for travelers who want a quieter tourist spot and not crowded. Sanur also offers white sand beaches, but you will not be able to see the sunset on the attraction of Sanur. But sunrise will you can see here.Calm sea, and underwater views of the unspoiled, making it a favorite beach tourists to do an activity called by the name of  seawalker Sanur.

Tanjung Benoa

Tanjung Benoa one of the favorite tourist area of domestic tourists. Cause, attractions Tanjung Benoa is the center of marine tourism in Bali or better known by the name of watersport Tanjung Benoa  and has white sand with calm sea. Moreover, in the tourist area Tajung Benoa also available a lot of hotels and restaurants of international standards and a cheap meal.

Attractions Legian, very close location to the attractions of Kuta beach. Legian tourist place, offers almost the same thing with Kuta, only quieter than Kuta beach.


Jimbaran one of the resorts in Bali, which has developed very rapidly now. Has white sand and is very famous for grilled fish dishes typical of Jimbaran. To find a cheap hotel in this place, a little bit difficult. Most of the tourist hotel area of ​​Jimbaran is a three-star hotel to five-star.

Unggasan village and the village of Pecatu

Unggasan village and the village of Pecatu, adjacent location. Both of these tourist areas, offering the attraction of white sand beaches, such as  Dreamland beach  and  coastalPandavas. Pandavas coast is the latest tourist attractions in Bali, and many visits from tourists, although it has often vacation to Bali. In addition, if you heard the name  GWK Bali  (Garuda Wisnu Kencana), there are tourist sites in the village Unggasan.

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Welcome to Bali
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