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6 Unique Destinations in Indonesia that Make Feed Instagrammu More Beautiful From Normally

Danau Kelimutu memanjakan matamu dengan keindahannya (Kredit foto: @mafambayu)
Indonesia is rich. In this country there are many destinations that beauty can make us amazed as beautiful to the eye. Uniquely, these destinations are not only slick seen alone.
If immortalized in pictures and then uploaded to Instagram, the result was no less ciamiknya.
This time  Hipwee  and Lenovo intentionally collect six unique destinations in Indonesia are worth your visit and immortalized its beauty. Because it is guaranteed, with pictures of these destinations feed  Instagrammu will look different.
Many destinations can you capture this unique and included into the competition #Goodweird Lenovo, which gives you the opportunity to explore a variety of unique and distribute it to many people. #Goodweird To know what it is and how you can check direct competition here.

1. Lake Flores Nusa Tenggara feast for the eyes and your camera with three color change

Danau Kelimutu memanjakan matamu dengan keindahannya (Kredit foto: @mafambayu)
Lake Flores spoil your eyes with beauty (Photo Credit:mafambayu) via  instagram.com
Located four hours of Flores, Kelimutu lake is famous for the uniqueness of the water that could turn into three colors: red, blue, and white. That said, minerals and sulfate in danaulah which react and cause discoloration when exposed to sunlight.
To reach this lake, you need to the city of Ende first by plane from Flores. Then proceed to travel overland to the village of Kaonara for 3 hours. From there you still have to walk for approximately 2.5 hours to reach the top of the lake.
But all of this struggle will be paid at the sight of a beautiful lake green Tosca or redness in the eyes.

2. Ranu Kumbolo, beautiful lake in Mahameru also looks slick when arrested  shutter  your camera

Misty Ranu Kumbolo (Kredit Foto: @inyigo)
Misty Ranu Kumbolo (Kredit Foto: @inyigo) via instagram.com
Even unusual for you to climb, lakes at the foot of Mount Semeru is very feasible dikunjungi.Setelah trekking  around 2-3 hours from the first ascent post, Ranu Pane - you will be greeted by the serene lake surrounded by dense vegetation. Occasionally there grouse also seen approaching.
Here, you can open the awning and enjoy the tranquility of nature that exist. Do not forget to take pictures when the sunrise  and sunset. Since that time Ranu Kumbolo being pretty-pretty.

3. If you are required to Medan to Lake Toba.From any angle this lake  fotogenic  level gods

Danau Toba selalu terlihat fotogenic level dewa (Kredit Foto: @anuakbar)
Lake Toba always looks photogenic level gods (Photo Credit:anuakbar) via  instagram.com
If likened to a human, Lake Toba is a very photogenic man from wherever you see it. To reach this destination you do need a little trying. From Medan, you still have to pass the 4 hour overland journey that must be acted in order to Fery Port Ajibata.
Thereafter, you can choose to go to Tuktuk or Tomok to enjoy the beauty of Lake Toba. Armed with a rented bike, walk around the lake and get ready surprised by its beauty. Starting from a magnificent view of the lake, a beautiful savanna, up to custom homes along the way can be weaning tired.

4. Jogja has Kalibiru. Beautiful contemporary destinations that are guaranteed in Instagrammu

Destinasi kekinian yang tampak cantik di Instagrammu, Kali Biru (Kredit foto: @tyosmadn87)
Contemporary destinations that look gorgeous in Instagrammu, Kali Blue (Photo Credit: @ tyosmadn87) via  instagram.com
If you are reluctant for the sake of a long journey towards various destinations slick - why not to Jogja? In Yogyakarta there is any one place very viable count because of its beauty. Located in Kulon Progo, approximately two hours from the city of Yogyakarta, there is one area called Kalibiru.
In Kalibiru, you can climb  the platform  timber you onto a height to see the view from the top Menoreh Hill. Pictured here will make Instagrammu look different and more beautiful than usual.

5. Beautiful  sunrise  on Mount Sikunir Dieng also worthy count. There you can enjoy the beautiful "Hand of God"

Dieng dan golden sunrisenya. Dewa. (Kredit foto: @dikamigi)
Dieng dan golden sunrisenya. Dewa. (Kredit foto: @dikamigi) via instagram.com
Visiting various destinations not just about meet the desires of the roads within or for the sake of existence. Sometimes the trip save a deeper meaning - that is to appreciate the work of the Lord.
Sikunir hill in Dieng could be the most suitable place to gain this experience. After  trekking  light for one hour in the morning, you will be greeted beautiful sunrise here. The cold and the orange color of the rising sun will make you realize how much had no power himself in front of the wild that awaits.

6. Want to know the definition under the same level of heaven? Perhaps the answer Derawan

Selevel di bawah surga? Mungkin Derawan jawabannya (Kredit: @aditmahardika)
My level under heaven? Derawan possible answer (Credit:aditmahardika) via  igcdn-photos-ca.akamaihd.net
It seems that God was smiling when creating this one archipelago.The famous island chain of jellyfish that do not sting and the beauty of the underwater world is worth so wish list  further destinasimu.
To achieve these islands you need to go to the first Berau - which can be reached by plane from Balikpapan or landline from Tarakan, North Kalimantan. Furthermore, you still need to cross to Derawan by ferry from Tanjung Batu.
But it all paid off after up to Sanai. The beautiful underwater scenery and blue sky seemed close when captured on camera would make you miss when you return to see it. It seemed eager to pack up and go back to the same level Derawan under heaven.
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