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Amazing, Unique glass bridge World's First

On a glass bridge, where there are about 180 meters in length located in Hunan Province, China. Infonya glass bridge was first in the world. Photo suspension bridge over the Chinese glass sourced from wowkeren.com..

Taking this long bridge, it is also a mental collapse. But a challenge also tourists / Tourists to complete the journey to the finish point of the bridge. Step by step the tourists to reach the end of the bridge. But do kwatir, this bridge has been designed in such a way, both for the safety and comfort of visitors of course architecture / designer of this bridge already think the worst risks, if the bridge collapsed. 
The following video Glass Hanging Bridge that we have quoted from cctvNews;

Hanging Bridge World's First Glass (Video By cctvNews)

To be able to take this glass bridge, of course, we must have a strong guts. This bridge is estimated to 1400 meters. The glass bridge encircling Mount Tianmen china. To achieve this you need to bridge stairs manaiki about 1000 steps.And after you have successfully completed these struggles, you will continue to cross over the glass bridge. We recommend for your patients with asthma and heart, do not do this attraction. Because of concern will affect your health. 
Here are some photos of Bridge of Glass - China:

    By : Google

         By : frontrol.com

        By; travel.detik.com

Bridge of Glass is also called as Tianment Skywalk. Travelers average - average often is visiting this place. Although this glass bridge encircling cliffs. You can also clearly see the landscape down through the bridge that you tapaki. Similarly, we posted this time on a suspension bridge china or better known Tianment Skywalk. Hope you feel at home with a little info on the world tourism this China Glass Hanging Bridge, 
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