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Some Unique Place in Australia

This time we will share information about some of the favorite places that you should visit in Australia. And this place is a favorite place for tourists.
Here's five places to be included in the list that you must visit since each has features that keep you captivated. 

1. Melbourne

melbourne australia
Melbourne, which is the state capital of Victoria, is the second most populous city in Australia. The city is located near the southeastern tip of Australia in Port Philip. Melbourne is regarded as the cultural center once an important port city. The landscapes are well organized, and very indulgent for tourists who want to shopping, dining, or just enjoy the beauty. 

2. Cairns

Cairns become one of Australia's favorite tourist destination because of the tropical climate, with a relaxed atmosphere. The location was close to the Great Barrier Reef. A city of 150,000 people is located in the northwest corner of Australia and offers some coastal destinations with a diversity of wildlife and the opportunity for adventure for nature lovers.

3. Alice Springs

Alice Springs is situated about 1500 km from the nearest large town. Alice Springs consists of wide gorges, boundless desert landscapes, remote Aboriginal communities and a charming pioneering history. For lovers of scenery or hiker, this place is very appropriate because it has Uluru / Ayers Rock, Kata Tjuta (the Olgas) and Kings Canyon.

4. Great Barrier Reef

    Foto By 4ro.com

Great Barrier Reef is the main destination for underwater explorers and scuba divers. Great Barrier Reef is also the largest barrier reef system in the world. Great Barrier Reef covers an area consisting of 2,900 coral reefs and hundreds of islands and atolls. Reef is also regarded as one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world because it has been shaped by millions of living organisms for millions of years.

5. Sidney

Sidney Australia
City which for many people is synonymous with Australia, although not the capital of Australia, is Sidney. Located on the southeast coast of Australia, Sydney is actually the capital of New South Wales. This modern city has a long history which is symbolized by the beautiful harbor. The first inhabitants in the region live along the edge of this port for thousands of years. The port is also the landing site for the convict sent to Australia during the 1780s. 
Now, tourists will be taken gallivant around the places the iconic Sydney Harbor Bridge and the Sydney Opera House. So the info seputaran 5 interesting places you must visit in Australia. And some of the information we present comes from tourpia.com and wisaz.com. Hopefully useful right ..

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