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Twin Lakes (Danau Diateh dan Danau Dibawah) Most Unique In West Sumatra, Indonesia

Twin Lakes or better known as Twin Lakes are two lakes adjacent or twin located in Alahan Panjang, Solok regency of West Sumatra Province. 
This lake is a lake that is unique, and is one of the favorite places in West Sumatra Tourism.Here's a photo of the lake at the bottom that we could capture:

    Danau Dibawah (Foto By yull hartono)

If we are of Padang direction Alahan Panjang then we will see there are two lakes, Right next to us is Lake Diateh and left us is Lake Below. The lake is still fairly natural, if you come to West Sumatra, it would lose if it did not stop by to see the beauty of this twin lake.

    Place :Lakes Diateh

       Place :Lakes Diateh

legend Diateh Lake and Lake Below (By M.Zukirallah): 

In ancient times there was a niniak (older people) named niniak Tower ingredients that work Maarik timber (make boards / milestone). Niniak is very unique, great body height and material of Nyiru.  Material is meant here is beliungnya / ax (a tool for cutting wood and making boards). Nyiru is menempis rice width approximately 50cmx80cm. Each set off into the woods this niniak not forget to bring beliungnya. 
This niniak eating only once a week, but then eat 1 bushel (6 cans of milk indomil).  To get a wood / plank good he must climb the mountain / forest. After several days in the jungle he will return home with a few pieces of board / milestone that has been finished and brought to the market to sell. From the sale of board / milestones here he turned the family. 

On a day when this niniak went to the forest, in the middle of the woods where he could pass closed. This niniak surprised, why there are beings who impede the course. These creatures are very large so close landscape. Niniak trying to throw him out but she was not budging, even behind the attack. 

It turns out this creature is a dragon which is great.  It is unquestionable direct ancestor niniak pituah blood flow throughout the body niniak, he said: "The opposite is not in the search, if met abstinence evasive". There was a fight between a dragon and niniak sieve material. Dragon attack, niniak Tower Material not stay silent.  

All of the capabilities of the niniak sieve material is issued. Pickaxe in the hands niniak sieve materials react, and indeed niniak Tower Material very skilled play, of course martial arts moves that have been deeply mendaging by niniak Tower Material not forget removed. 

Finally the Dragon betekuk knees and surrendered. Dragon bleed because sabetan beliaung niniak Tower Materials. Dragon Head Nearly broke, the blood flowing profusely. Angku niniak Tower Material draw the dragon and threw with all his strength and came to a valley. 

After a few long Angku niniak Tower Material visiting the valley where the dragon thrown in.  It turns out niniak Tower Material shocked, the dragon did not die, he just symbolize his position forming a figure eight, blood flowing from the head of the snake so that redden the area. So that this area becomes a visit manarik for Angku, and also the people that are around it. But what happens, for long body this snake started buried under the ground, and between the two circles of the snake tergenanglah water forming two lakes small. 

Eventually, the lake keeps getting bigger, thus forming the bottom two large and beautiful lake. According to the story received itupulalah formed two regional names. The first is the Valley Gumanti, which comes from the word "nan Nago valley of death" is now the name of the District of second place this lake. Then there is also interpreted "nan Nago Valley Way". 

The second is an area called "Aia Sirah" (Red Water).  In this area famous for its water red. Said that the story the cause of the water in that area is the red blood that kept out of the dragon's head, because until now the Dragon is still alive and still bleeding, he says. Furthermore, the area was named Aia Sirah (Red Water). Plus the story between Angku niniak Tower Dragon unheard material and dialogue, a treaty.  
The word dragon once a year should there be casualties, but I will not take away from your children. And this be justified by local residents, when in a certain time when there is drowned in this lake, they again raised this legend. And indeed feel offspring offspring Angku Tower Material feel confident when approach towards this lake. 

Regardless of right or wrong to this story, which is obviously older people living in the area of Lake Above and Below Lake deeply understand this story. So stories like this are grouped into legend, That story / fairy tale creation / naming a country. Curious? please come to the Twin Lakes (Lake Diateh and lake below) is.  Here's a photo - photo existing lodging around the lake Diateh, if you want to stay here:
    Villa (Home Stay) - Foto By yull hartono
    Villa (Home Stay) - Foto By yull hartono
Similarly, a glimpse of info about Twin Lakes (Lake Diateh and Lake Below), may be useful, Please in Share.

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