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The Uniqueness Of Lake Singkarak West Sumatra Indonesia

Lake Singkarak is located in Solok and Tanah Datar, West Sumatra Province. This lake has an area of approximately  108 km², and Lake Singkarak is the largest lake on the island of Sumatra. The lake is also a source of electrical energy in PLN Singkarak.

Lake Singkarak is also producer bilih fish (small fish shape - small). Bilih and fish only live in Lake Singkarak this. For you as a tourist or a traveler, you can enjoy fish this bilih while enjoy the beautiful Lake Singkarak.

                                                                                                                     Foto: Putri/ Detik Travel

Besides, you enjoy a beautiful view over Lake Singkarak, you can also enjoy a variety of culinary Area's Lake Singkarak, fish bilih name. Shimmering silver fish where the fish that tiny size bilih of Lake Singkarak. The fish is very tasty and certainly in liked by many people.
Here's portrait - a portrait of a very beautiful Lake Singkarak;

    Picture; Dew tour blogspot
Thus a glimpse of Lake Singkarak information, if you are interested to visit this place, you can visit for free. Please share if this info useful. Thank you !!

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