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Places With the Most Good And Bad Reputation in the World.

Before you plan to visit or tourism in a country air. This time we will share info about Town With The Most Good And Bad Reputation in the World.

Photo above (Sydney-Australia) sourced from wisaz.com)

Besides comfort and keaamanan for visitors / tourists. Surely we visit a country is not simply - simply for traveling alone but certainly to unwind and sensation seeking or an atmosphere that makes us calm. 
Surely we do not want when we visit in a country does not want direndung problem. 
The reputation of a city into one consideration of tourists who want to vacation there 

An institute focusing to create a list of countries according to reputation. Reputation Institute examined and surveyed more than 19,000 people from G8 countries. Be visited from CNN, Friday (10/23/2015), the respondents are asked to rank 101 cities.  

The sequence was made ​​based on the level of trust, respect, and admiration of the city. The survey came out a list of cities with the best and worst reputation. 

Not in Europe, but in fact the city with the best reputation in the world owned by Australia. Sydney is in the first position, while Melbourne is in the second position.  

In the top 10 only met by the city from several continents, Australia, America and Europe. From Europe, the first city had the best reputation is Stockholm of Sweden was third, then Barcelona, ​​Spain in position 6. While the American continent, there are Vancouver in Canada representing the city with the best reputation.  

In addition to the best, there is also the worst. Cities with the worst reputation in the world is Tel Aviv, Israel. Why are chosen so as too many problems and conflicts there. 
Yang received the title of worst not only city in the Middle East but also in North America, Russia and Africa. Moscow in Russia was in position 8 bottom and Mexico City, Mexico is in the bottom five positions.  

Here are 10 cities with tebaik reputation in the world: 

1. Sydney, Australia 
2. Melbourne, Australia 
3. Stockholm, Sweden 
4. Vienna, Austria 
5. Vancouver, Canada 
6. Barcelona, ​​Spain 
7. Edinburgh, UK 
8. Geneva, Switzerland 
9. Copenhagen, Denmark 
10. Venice, Italy 

While these 10 cities with the worst reputation in the world: 
1. Tel Aviv, Israel 
2. Caracas, Venezuela 
3. Kiev, Ukraine 
4. Cairo, Egypt 
5. Mexico City, Mexico 
6. Bogota, Colombia 
7. Nairobi, Kenya 
8. Moscow, Russia 
9. Tehran, Iran 
10. Baghdad, Iraq 
This info once popularized by  Faela Safa   travel.detik.com.  That's a bit of info we can share with you related to the city with the most good and bad reputation in the world, I hope you can respond properly and mepelajari cultural characteristics of a country , So that if you travel there, you do not awkward anymore with the habit or culture - the culture of a country. Different countries also yes certainly also different culture. 

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