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Uniquely Barelang Bridge Batam Island Indonesia

For those of you who've been to Batam, bridges Barelang familiar to us. Barelang an icon Batam Riau Islands,  the bridge that connects the islands, namely  the island of Batam, Pulau Tonton,  Nipah,  rempang,  Galang Island  and  Pulau Galang Baru.

The locals call the "Bridge Barelang", but some are calling it the "Bridge Habibie", because he who initiated the construction of the bridge to facilitate the three islands which are designed to be developed into industrial areas in  the Riau Islands. The third  island  that now includes the Province  of Riau Islands. 

Where Jakarta City synonymous with Monas then people will mengidentikan Batam Bridge Barelang (Barelang Bridge).  Barelang Bridge is a  pilot project for  a high-tech involving hundreds of engineers Indonesia without the intervention of experts abroad. Built to expand the working area of the Batam Authority (OB) as a regulator of the industrial area of Batam Island. 

Trans bridge builders Barelang been siphoning budget Batam Authority (OB) of Rp 400 billion that was built in the past six years (1992 to 1998). Six magnificent bridge is a vital project as a liaison Trans Barelang stretching along 54 kilometers.

      Panorama Keindahan Laut Batam dilihat dari Jembatan Barelang (Foto By yull hartono)

Incomplete rasanyan if you do not visit this Barelang, community pride bridge Batam, you can unwind while enjoying a moment of culinary variety of seafood here is brackish water.
                                               Seafood Air Masin (Foto By Wahyudi EnjoyBatam )

And a variety of different culinary dragon fruit in the pack in the form of that - that dragon fruit, or drinks that basic ingredients of dragon fruit. 


For lovers of culinary tourism and how you can visit Barelang? We will give you a little info:

  1. Due to the location Barelang located in Riau Islands, If you are outside Batam islands you can travel to Batam Island using Flight. And for the price of airline tickets and hours keberrangkatan you can see in Wego Indonesia or http://tren.superstore.travel/.
  2. Before you get to the location you try to book hotel in advance, so you can break or make a connection, please check your hotel here   Wego Indonesia. 
  3. Try merental car where you stay, your trip is usually more convenient if you use an existing rental on where you stay.
Actually there are still places - other places you can visit in addition to the bridge Barelang, but as we will discuss one by one the favorite places you can visit. Next bye in other tourism information from us. May be useful as a reference of your trip. Hopefully fun yes. Happy weekend !!!

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