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Some Places Most Unique Travel If you visit Yogyakarta

Jogjakarta is a fairly large city in Java. Jogjakarta is a special area of ​​provincial level. Jogjakarta Tourism is a tourism destination for Tourists Local or foreign tourists.

The Government's decision to increase the number Visa-free state visit to Indonesia would add income countries, especially in the tourism sector. 
The number of countries that are free Visa infonya rose to 45 countries. It is estimated there are about 90 countries, where citizens are free visited to Indonesia of course without visas. Countries that we mean is Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Vatican, Venezuela and Greece. 

Chairman of the Association of Tour and Travel Special Region Yokyakarta, Sudianto said that the policy would make the tourists will be easier to come to Indonesia. The impact is going to add to the list of Travel visit to Indonesia. Chairman of the Association hopes that the Government focus more on tourism promotion actively. And of course, facilities and infrastructure objects should also be addressed as well in order to adequately, said Sudianto, Thursday, October 15, 2015. 

Following a famous tourist spot in Yogyakarta:

    Foto: ini tempat belanja

Malioboro is the name of a street located in the city of Yogyakarta. Malioboro is a place of shopping in this city. In carrying shopping centers, shopping malls and restaurants. This area became a magnet for visitors / tourists. This area is also the legendary shopping districts.

    Candi Prambanan (foto by blog candi1001)

Prambanan temple also known as loro is the biggest temple in Indonesia. This temple was built sektar 9th century BC. Prambanan is the masterpiece of Hindu culture. The building is estimated as high as 47 meters

    Pantai Parangtritis (Foto by kompasiana)

Parangtritis  are the most popular beaches are located in the village of Parangtritis, this beach does  indeed become one of the tourist attractions in Yogyakarta, which has been very popular

    Resort Kaliurang (Foto by indonesia travel)

Resort Kaliurang 
beauty beautiful you can enjoy from this resort, very cool air and natural landscapes that add to the charm of the natural beauty of the resort Area.

    Keraton (Foto by Google)

Sultan Palace 
Kraton Yogyakarta  (Yogyakarta) or often referred to Ngayogyakarta Palace is located in the heart of the province of Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY)

    Museum Sonobudoyo (Foto By sonoudoyo.com)

Sonobudoyo  the most complete museum in Indonesia after the National Museum in Jakarta, which contains a collection of arts and culture.

     Candi Plaosan (Foto By Wikipedia)

Plaosan  a Buddhist temple that is located in Klaten, Central Java, not far from the Prambanan

     Pantai Baron (Foto By Wikipedia)

Baron Beach 
Baron Beach is one of the attractions of the beach located in the village Kemadang, District Tanjungsari, Gunungkidul. Baron Beach location can be reached 40 km daeri the city center (Wikipedia)

    Kota Gede (Foto By Melda Anastasia)

Kota Gede 
Kotagede or Kutagede is a district in the city of Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta Province, Indonesia.Kotagede Sub-district boundaries are as follows. North: District and Sub-District Umbulharjo Banguntapan, Bantul  Wikipedia

    Goa Salorong

Goa Salarong 
Cave  Selarong  is witness to the history of the struggle of Prince Diponegoro and his army were used as the headquarters of the guerrilla against Dutch colonialism. 

That glimpse of tourism places in Jogjakarta, Where is the data that we get from various sources, in fact there are many locations - other tourist sites in jogja that we have not been posting, Next we will present location - the location of other favorite tourist attractions.

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