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Honeymoons buddymoon most Trend Today

For newly married couples, honeymoon travel while certainly a memory that will not be forgotten. Honeymoon or honeymoon bekennya term, this is usually done by a newly married couple to celebrate their wedding.

Photo above (Couple honeymoon) we get from searching Google, where the pictures we found on fastatour.com Honeymoon is the best chance for the pair, in which time they could both be free to speak and hope to get pregnant. Usually honeymoon performed alone, maybe they can enjoy the honeymoon to Bali. Because some of our friends, spent his honeymoon on this island.

    Babymoon (Bulan Madu Saat Menunggu kelahiran) - Foto By corcell.com

The honeymoon is not only done by newly married couples only, and even the honeymoon there recently performed by couples who want to get pregnant then the honeymoon. The honeymoon is done in order before their baby was born, term is known as the babymoon. There's more to the trend again today, known as buddymoon, Buddymoon is the honeymoon is done by inviting family and friends. Buddymoon is today, months honey most trends among young people ages today. Where previously enlivened by babymoon traveling, traveling flat - flat was attended by the mother - pregnant women.

    Ilustrasi Pasangan Bulan Madu - Foto Sewavilladibali.com

Now is the time of your honeymoon is not enjoyed by both of you, but include also family and your close friends. That we are familiar with the term bodymoon. The reason they are doing bodymoon is that the family of the husband closer to the wife's family. There were many pros and cons of these reasons. But right in principle, the newly married couple, the imminent since courtship. What is wrong with this bodymoon way, both the husband and wife's family will get to know each other more and more familiar.

    Hotel; Ilustrasi foto by hotelmurahbali.net

Here I quote a few tips - tips on choosing a hotel for honeymooners from indonesiaindonesia.com are as follows: 

1. Determine the desired location of the inn first narrow down your lodging options by specifying the location. On the beach or the mountains are the two locations are often chosen. In addition to beautiful scenery, usually around the hotel there are several interesting activities to do both, like snorkeling and parasailing. 

2.Determine the type of room you want Because honeymoon is that probably only happens once in a lifetime, then the types of rooms chosen are top class. In addition to the comfort of the rooms are obtained, these room types have a facility that makes the room comfortable to linger in the room. 
3. What facilities are desirablenot only just room facilities, hotel facilities have an important role in determining the honeymoon hotel. Hotel room has its own balcony, you can see the beautiful scenery around, is a better value. Other facilities that can support your comfort when the honeymoon is Couple Special Massage, Dining Resto, Jacuzzi, and more. 

You can also make booking hotels through Wego Indonesia, site reviews and serving various types of hotels and airlines around the World. of the conclusions that we take, bodymoon eligible for consideration.please select locations where suitable.

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