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Uniquely Hill Caves Malaysia

We and the group of SMK Telkom Pekanbaru is the group when Travel Tourism and also a comparative study to SMK Putra Jaya Presint 9 (1) of Malaysia. 
The ride is followed by a Head of SMK Telkom Pekanbaru (Mr. Muhammad Faisal, Spd, MPD) and its teachers - teachers and Staff.

We do not tell you about comparative studies yes, but we'll tell you about a tourist place unique, where tourism is supposedly the name Hill Caves. 

Hill Caves is a limestone hill which has a series of caves and cave temples located in the district gombak 13 km from north of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Said that the story takes its name from the name of Stone River that flows through the Mount (wikipedia). 

Before you enter the parking lot, then in front of you will see a statue of the Great and High standing strong and handsome statue of Hindu Gold name is the statue of Lord Murugan. The statue's height ranges 43 Meter and gilded. 
Actually, this location is the location of the most popular Hindu shrines outside Hindia.Yang dedicated to Lord Murugan. If you enter this area, you will not be charged. 

Here's a photo that we had to capture, when we were in the parking lot:

Then you can move on to the 272 stairs that are just near the statue of Lord Murugan. If you desire to try to climb hundreds of stairs, try to come in the morning or in the afternoon ,Because if you come at noon, the sun is very hot here, The sun seemed to be able to shrink your spirit to climb the stairs of the hill this caves. 
Here we show that will climb the stairs photo:

    Foto by Herajeng Gusti Ayu

3 Acts of the philosophy of 272 steps that we have quoted from Ms. Herajeng Gusti Ayu (Travel Compass): 

1 / group of human beings with different backgrounds, when faced with a case of weight will definitely be encouraged to work together and support each other , Whereas in a normal state in case they are not going to care about each other. In situations like this, humans as social beings, humans will create an element of "togetherness" that emerged from the bottom of our hearts 
2 / Problem beginning it seemed impossible to resolve. Having passed not as bad / tough as it looks first. 

3 / Any issues will certainly be resolved properly, if we go through one by one with patience and sincerity. It was yes, a little info we convey about Hill Caves Malaysia. Later we will post stories that other tourism locations.
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